Matt DelVecchio co-owner of Duck Foot playing guitar

Matt Delvecchio

Head Quack

In 2012, Matt Delvecchio, at the time, a financial planner living in New York, was diagnosed with Celaic Disease, a gluten-intolerant disease. Instead of letting this get him down in the dumps, he researched ways to make beer with virtually no gluten, and thus, duckfoot was born upon Matt’s arrival in Encinitas, CA. Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, and two children, and working on ways to give more gluten free beer to the people!

Brett Goldstock co-founder of Duck Foot holding a glass of beer

Brett Goldstock

Chief Fermentation Officer

Originally a homebrewer, Brett Goldstock met Matt Delvecchio in 2014, and promptly the duo came up with the idea for Duck Foot Brewing. Brett loves the team they’ve cultivated over the last five years since then, and is proud of the team’s hard work paying off in the form of award winning and delicious beers. In the free time that he’s able to find outside of owning a brewery, he enjoys playing the guitar and speeding around as quickly as possible on a motorcycle or in a fast car built.

Matt Akin, Chief Beer Taster raising a glass

Matt Akin

Chief Beer Taster

Matt Akin is a true lover of beer and has been studying the process of making beer since he was 16 years old by reading everything possible, eventually getting his degree from UCSD, and beginning his career at AleSmith Brewing Company. He started from the bottom, cleaning kegs and bottling beer, and working his way up to eventually owning his own operation for 6 years, winning countless awards along the way. Matt is most proud of his mentees, who go on to win awards or running their own breweries, and tasting their accomplished beers.



Resident Dreamer & Schemer

Kenna Q


Marketing & Operations Program Manager

Amber, Beer Slanger and Merchandise Coordinator holding two glasses of Duck Foot Beer


Beer Slanger & Merchandise Coordinator

Sebastian, Assistant Brewer drinking a glass of Duck Foot beer


Assistant Brewer

Noelle, Beer Slanger holding a glass of Duck Foot beer


Beer Slanger

Jack, Tasting Room Lead holding a glass of Duck Foot beer


Tasting Room Lead



Cellar worker & Canning line operator



Beer Slanger


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