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Come On Over, Have A Drink With Us!

We brew our beer here on Miramar Road and are open 7 days a week. Our beers pour right out of the same cold box where all our fresh kegs and cans are stored. We usually have a dozen or more taps flowing for samples, flights and pints. You can also fill up growlers, buy cans and check out kegs we have available. Come on over and join us!

8920 Kenamar Drive, Suite #210
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 433-7916

Sun-Tues: noon – 8pm
Wed-Thu: noon – 9pm
Fri-Sat: noon – 10pm


Yada, yada, yada, but
What’s on tap?


Year-Round Releases

The lineup of beers we offer through the year. Some new, some date back to our homebrewing days. They’re like our kids, if asked – we’ll say we love them all equally.

The Looker
Classic American Blonde Ale, 5.0%

Drink This Or The Bees Die
Golden Honey Ale, 6.5%

Kook Slams IPA
Tropical West Coast IPA, 7.5%

Liquid Jam IPA
Citrusy Hazy IPA, 7.5%

Duckzilla IPA
Double WHITE IPA, 8.5%

Limited Releases

Some limited releases aren’t available for growler fills due to the limited quantity we have. 

Mai Tai Sour
Orange, Lime, Almond spiked Berliner Weisse, 5.5%

Miramar Mule Sour
Ginger & Lime spiked Berliner Weisse, 5.5%

Kawaii Kölsch
A Downright Adorable Kölsch, 5.1%

Keep On Duckin’ IPA
Citrusy & Crushable IPA, 5.1%

I ❤️ A Clean IPA
Crisp & Refreshing Cold IPA, 6.5%
(Sorry, No Growler Fills)

Stout Mask Replica
American Stout, 6.5%

Purple Reign
Imperial Sour, 9.0%

Turn of Darkness
Imperial Stout, 10.0%
(Sorry, No Growler Fills)

CryptoBREWological Belgians

We have a growing menagerie of beer oddities, whose unique properties make them stand apart from our “normal” beers. Steeped in tradition, each with their own twist…

Aviator Glasses
Belgian-Style Blonde Ale, 6.5%

SoCal Farmhouse Ale, 6.5%

Cherry & Oak ChupaQUADra
Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale with Sweet Cherries & Oak, 11%
(Sorry, No Growler Fills)

2022 Bourbon Barrel Aged Sasquack
Belgian-Style Tripel Aged In Bourbon Barrels, 9.0%
(Sorry, No Growler Fills)

Horchata Beer Slushie in a glass

Beer Slushies, whaaaa?

Wanna get a bit fruity? We’re not just a safe space for that, we’re participatory! The days get hot, and we combat that with some icy cold beer concoctions to chill out. Don’t let anyone fruit shame you, get your fruit on every weekend!

Horchata Beer Slushie

FRI 9/23 – SUN 9/25
FRI 9/30 – SUN 10/1

We’re serving up our super famous Horchata Beer Slushies this weekend with chocolate dipped churros. Delicious as always, with a cinnamon and sugar rimmed glass. Sorry, we weren’t able to get our hands on GF churros this time.

Piña Colada Beer Slushie

FRI 10/7 – SUN 10/9
FRI 10/14 – SUN 10/16

🎶 Do You Like Piña Coladas? 🎶 Taste the deliciousness of pineapple, coconut, iciness and Looker Blonde Ale in sweet harmony.

Two fist tacos with a glass of beer on a picnic table

Food trucks!

We’re not a restaurant, but we get along with a little help from our friends…

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