In 2012, Head Quack Matt DelVecchio was living it up in cozy New York City. He was brewing away in his casa with the ultimate dream of owning his own craft brewery, funded by his day job as a financial planner. But it was his degree in sculpture that helped his artistic vision overcome the powerful din of the nearby Stock Exchange. Wrench in his plan: Celiac Disease. As his gluten-filled world came crashing down, his wife, Katie, gave him a swift kick in the pants. Make lemons into beer. He discovered a novel way to make beer with a natural enzyme that does nothing more than remove gluten from beer. Rejoice! Soon, the mild-mannered man with the malt mustache and his wife headed west to Encinitas. And they had a kid. And then a San Diego craft brewery and tasting room. And they loved both. To Duck Foot!

Then there’s Brett Goldstock. Also a New York transplant, he figured out Tupac was cooler than Biggie in 2001 and moved left. He’s been brewing beer, mead and cider for over 20 years, which is basically pro status. Like, if you were practicing piano for 20 years, you’d be better than good, right? His beer’s really good, so after talking it up with Matt, they were like, “Yeah, let’s bring awesome craft beer to San Diegans — something different: our own unique style.” Brett’s active in the San Diego home brew scene, especially the San Diego-based QUAFF club, and competes in brewing competitions nationwide. He’s received a number of medals for his efforts and has actively judged beer competitions for over six years. In fact, he’s certified as a BJCP National Beer Judge as well as a Mead Judge. Spiffy.