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A Crisp & Refreshing Cold IPA!

I Love A Clean IPA 3-up

I Love A Clean IPA

Cold IPA | 6.5%

  • A refreshingly crisp, cold brewed IPA with tropical and citrusy hops
  • Motukea and Citra hops
  • Proceeds go to our friends at I Love A Clean San Diego to keep our beaches and communities clean
👀 HOW’S IT LOOK? Bright yellow with brilliant clarity. Dense head is intensely white. Great lacing. 👃 WHAT AM I SMELLING?

Very citrus forward from the hops – some grapefruit, some lime. Touch of lemon. Touch of dankness from the hops – but definitely leans on the bright citrus notes.

👅 HMMM, THAT TASTES LIKE… The citrus continues from the aroma into the flavor, this time leading with the lemon notes. The Citra hop dominates the aroma but in the flavor the Motueka starts to shine with passion fruit notes, and lime. Just a touch of earthy dankness. Pleasant, clean bitterness in the finish. 😋 THERE’S A PARTY IN MY MOUTH! Light body. Firm carbonation but not prickly. 🍻 TL;DR Crisp, bright, refreshing citrus joyride.

-Matt Akin, Head Brewer


We’ve been wanting to make a Cold IPA (aka Clean IPA) and do a collab with our friends at I Love A Clean San Diego. Well, that covers the backstory of this beer. Now let’s answer your #1 question…

What’s a Clean IPA?!? Well, the goal is to force all non-hoppy characteristics of an IPA into the backseat. By reducing the temperature during fermentation we can end up with a lighter finish and less yeast derived flavors. This recipe puts simple pale two row malt way back in the trunk, giving a light crackery character – then draws on corn to add a slight sweetness while keeping the finish dry. Then this vehicle puts Motueka hops right up front in the driver’s seat with tropical fruit flavors, while the Citra hops ride shotgun pumping citrusy and bright tunes for this delicious road trip (did we get the analogy high score?).

Proceeds from the sales of this beer go to help our friends at I Love A Clean San Diego keep our beaches and communities clean. There’s cause to raise a cold one!


I Love A Clean IPA Label
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