Our Biggest Annual Event is back…

Saturday, July 9th
noon – 8pm

Your $45 Dapper Duck Drinkpass Includes…

Our Swanky 7th Quackalope 16oz can glass for early buyers

that can be filled to 5oz, 10oz or full pints

Tabbed wristband good for ten 5oz tasters

Choose from 30 different beers spread over 34 taps indoors and outside

Year-Rounds, Multiple Sours, IPAs, Belgians, Stouts, Barrel Aged Brews, Limited Releases galore and 5 Custom Casks!

Chill out in our air conditioned Tasting Room with 19 taps!

Live music throughout the day!

An outdoor beer wonderland of picnic tables, more taps, food trucks, seating and 2,000+ sq ft of shade!

The warm fuzzies knowing that your purchase helped  I ❤️ A CLEAN SAN DIEGO keep our beaches and communities beautiful.


• 25% more space

• 25% more shade

• 25% more taps

• 50% more live music

• 80% more seating


Tap List

Anniversary Releases

7th Anniversary Quackalope SoCal Farmhouse Ale

Brewed w/ Malted Sunflower Seeds, Floral Hops & Desert Sage Honey, 6.5%

I Love A Clean IPA

Cold IPA Collaboration w/ I ❤️ A Clean San Diego, 6.5%

My Cousin Nelson Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA w/ New Zealand Hops, 6.0%

2022 Bourbon Barrel Aged Sasquack

Belgian-Style Tripel Aged In Bourbon Barrels, 9.0%

NITRO Draft Punk

Coffee Blonde Ale w/ Vanilla on Nitro, 5.0%

Abuela’s Nightcap

Turn Of Darkness Imperial Stout w/ Ghirardelli Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Chiles, 10%

Sweet & Sours

Purple Reign

Imperial Tart with Blackberry & Apricot, 9.0%

Honey Blu Blu

Golden Honey Ale w/ Blueberries, 6.5%

Zombie Sour

Berlinerweisse w/ Pineapple, Lemon, Lime, Passion Fruit, 5.5%*

Miramar Mule Sour

Berlinerweisse w/ Ginger and Lime, 5.5%*

Shirley Temple Sour

Berlinerweisse w/ Pommegranate, Lemon, Lime and Ginger, 5.5%*

*can be ordered as a soda


Honey Nut Beerios

Drink This Or The Bees Die Honey Ale w/ Almond, 6.5%


I ❤️ A Clean IPA w/ added Motueka and Citra Hops, 6.5%

Quackalope w/ Sage

SoCal Saison w/ Homegrown Organic Sage, 6.5%

Fruity Kook Loops

Kook Slams Tropical IPA w/ Fresh Squeezed Orange, Lime & Lemon, 7.5%

DANKzilla Turbo

Double WHITE IPA w/ Cascade & Centennial Hops + Cannabis Terpenes, 8.5%


Coconut IPA

Gold Medal Winning IPA! 6.2%

Wookie Roar

Amber Ale, 5.7%

Stout Mask Replica

American Stout, 6.5%

Turn Of Darkness

Imperial Stout, 10%

More Belgian Styles


Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale, 11.0%

Cherry & Oak ChupaQUADra

Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale with Sweet Cherries & Oak, 11.0%

Bel-GIN ChupaQUADra

Belgian Style Quadrupel aged in Gin Barrels, 11.0%

…and we haven’t even covered our year-round beers!


This year we’re partnering up with our friends at  I ❤️ A CLEAN SAN DIEGO to brew up a special collaboration IPA (more news on that next week).

Stay tuned for…

Food Trucks
Music Lineup
Our Canniversary 4-Pack


Fineprint Quacked Answers


Is this a 21+ Event?

Anyone under 21 must be accompanied with a guardian. Everyone must bring their ID!

Do I need to bring my ID?

Yes! Dude, we just told you that! It’s the state of CA and we gotta comply with Johnny Law. Don’t be the person that left theirs at home, you’re an adult and this is a beer fest ya’ silly goose!

Is this a dog friendly event?

Of course! We’re dog friendly to all friendly dogs. Just know the comfort level of your dog. If they can’t hang with crowds, kids, other dogs – then respect their nature and don’t force them into a scenario that isn’t for them. They’re your best friend and you should return the favor. Service animals? Always welcome!

This “Dapper Duck Drinkpass” is just a ticket right? I have to buy one to get in, right?

Not exactly, we’ll let you in without one – but you do need one to get beer. Hence the name “drinkpass”. If you’re a designated driver, we won’t make you buy a drinkpass to get in. The drinkpass is a bundle of a taster wristband and a commemorative glass. The taster wristband allows us to serve you quickly without needing to make individual transactions that slow everyone down, making it easy to move around to all the different bars and get variety.

I’m not going to buy a Drinkpass wristband and just order beers at the cash register. Is that cool?

No, sorry. We’re using wristbands so that lines move quickly and everyone can partake in the wide variety of beers without needing to waste time with bar tabs. We’re not the ones who came up with this system, but trust us – it works. 🙂

Why don’t you just make it unlimited drinks?

That is a really good question! Yeah, we’d love to do that, but if we did – we’d have to limit your drinking time. We need to make sure we comply with the law and not over serve folks. We like the format of you arriving and leaving when you want. You know, like an honest-to-god party. You’re our friends, and we’re not going to kick you out because we’re trying to do a cattle call for taps.

What if I want more than ten 5oz pours?

That’s cool. Just know that we have to comply with CA state law, meaning that we can’t serve someone who is already intoxicated. Pace yourself, and practice common sense – and we’re all good. If you’ve gone through your ten tasters, and we’re convinced you can handle more – come back to the check in tent and we can sell you another 5 taster wristband for $17.50.

I’m going with a friend/partner and would like to just share the ten taster wristband. Can I do that, or do we need to each buy one?

If that’s what works for you, that’s ok. We can give your friend/partner (who is over 21) a compostable cup, or you can share the commemorative Swanky 7th glass for tasting.

I can’t fill up growlers during the anniversary, right?

Right! We’d love to, but it’s just not possible with the bustle of the day. The next day we will have an amazing taplist to pilfer. Thanks for understanding, and hats off to being part of sustainable growler culture. You rock!

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