As this is my first article for the Duck Foot Brewing Blog I figured I would take the chance to introduce myself and give some hints about the things I will be writing about in my monthly installments.

So, hi, I’m Matt Akin and I make beer. I have made a lot of beer over the years and I look forward to making lots more and sharing it with you. 

I have been a student of beer since I found out that you could make beer at home, I was 16 at the time. That new bit of knowledge went over like a ton of bricks when it was presented to my parents.

So, I did what I could which meant reading everything I could find online. At the time there was not a whole lot but it was enough to keep me intrigued.

I got a pretty good head start on my beer knowledge but reading is not doing.

The day I turned 21 I was at Home Brew Mart buying my brew kit and the ingredients for my first batch, an American Pale Ale. It came out drinkable. There was a lot of work to do.

I was finishing my degree at UCSD at the time but I managed to brew 5 gallons a week on a pretty regular basis. I created so many different recipes, some were complete disasters, oh that orange-chocolate stout, others were absolute hits that found their way into a regular rotation and became favorites among my friends.

I learned from each batch and kept reading everything I could get my hands on, I was focused. 

The focus led me to a very popular brewing company just off of Miramar Road. As soon as I finished at UCSD I was at their door making myself useful. I could scrub kegs with the very best! I managed to convince the owner to hire me and I was filling bottles, scrubbing everything and finding ways to be as involved as I possibly could.I attended the American Brewers Guild in my off hours in order to get some brewery focused education. It paid off. 3 years after starting I was filling the role of head brewer. We made some amazing beers and helped to grow the San Diego Beer scene to heights never thought possible.I chose to leave and start something of my own. Teaming up with my family we opened our own brewery. We made so many new and fun beers, I was still taking notes on everything and reading more books. Every beer was better than the last, well almost every beer.We managed to keep that operation up and running for just shy of 6 years before it was time to call it quits, but I was not yet done making beer, so here I am cranking out tasty beers at Duck Foot and sharing my passion with the team. 

I don’t actually have it all planned out but I sure do have a lot of ideas that I like to share with people who are interested in listening, or reading along. 

As you might have guessed from all the reading and studying, I can be a bit of a geek. I will dive deep on subjects to get to the science at the base. I am a beer judge. I am an avid baker, it is another tasty form of fermentation after all.

I hope to share with you in the coming months my take on beers, how special releases come to be, what it takes to be a beer judge, food pairings, ingredient analysis, and maybe a recipe for some macarons.

Do you know what the best part about being so focused on beer is? Of course you do, it’s the beer! I still learn something from every beer I brew but also every beer I drink. So, when you see me drinking, it’s for science!


Matt Akin

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