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Trivia Night


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Old Bro Pilsner with Salt and Lime


Bohemian Pilsner with Salt and Lime

Who says tequila gets all the salt & lime? We’ve taken this crisp, refreshing lager and added a solid dose of lime with just a dash of salt. It’s Mexico by way of Europe! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Food Truck: Fork Yeah! 12-6pm


Choconut Lust with Coconut


Chocolate Hazelnut Porter with Toasted Coconut

After a tropical vacation for the Choconut Lust punk couple, our Chocolate Hazelnut Porter has made a major reappearance! To show our appreciation for their return, we made a special version of the porter with toasted coconut. So to tally all the ingredients — and lest we forget: Dark Malts, Cocoa Nibs, Whole Hazelnuts, Milk Sugar and Toasted Coconut. Cheers!

Food Truck: SD Taco Tuesday, 4-8pm